Concert Week

This morning, music’s running through my mind,
Unending fragments, strains of melodies 
that play incessant, just beneath – behind
my consciousness, a chorister’s peculiarity.

Now full awake, I finally realize,
Ahead this week, there lies the rationale,
Rehearsals, repetitions, parts revised,
For many voices, raised as one chorale.

These ‘worms’ reside within my ear canal
Where only I can hear and oft repeat 
those tricky parts and passages, et al
I’m ready, though, will soon be bittersweet.

It’s concert week, the climax of our song,
Anticipation, joy, then set aside, ere long.

This week The Choral Art Society will fine tune our “Americana” program, rehearse in concert spaces and present this collection of choral settings of American music.  I love concert week! But this time next week it will be over and I’ll be removing my music from my black folder and filing it away.  It’s wonderful and yet, strangely bittersweet; like a long-anticipated vacation that is over all too soon.  

But for now: Rejoice – it’s concert week!

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