Around the wide, wide world this afternoon,
‘neath searing sun and darkening shade, a storm,
It gathered, silent, ominous, it loomed,
So sudden, interrupting mindless norms.

We journeyed on, ignoring what could come,
No choice but journey on to foreign shores,
With backward glancing, hopeful we had time,
But we were wrong, the black clouds billowed more.

As calm skies disappeared, we grew unsure,
We questioned which the wiser path would be,
To linger longer, waiting for “all clear”
Or hurry faster ‘cross the EPCOT sea.

Water, earth, wind, fire – nature’s curtains,
We only know, uncertainty is certain,

Official Dogwood Photography Challenge

Week 39 Inspiration: The Elements

Earth, Fire, Wind, Rain, and Spirit. Find inspiration in the elements of our world.


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