In Aeternam

This room, this space, this temporary place,
Awaiting and prepared for curtain call,
Two hundred voices sing, in hallowed space,
A timeless opus, swept up and enthralled.

“Libera me”, staves fly fast before my eyes,
Rising and descending hopes and fears,
Pleading desperation, truth belies,
accepts soul’s journey to eternal spheres.

No mortal may escape reality,
Yet calming thoughts and visions do sustain,
Through daily lives, we grow our family tree,
We’re born to life, when done, we’ll live again.

This music shared, inspires and uplifts,
That I am blessed to sing:  the rarest gift.

Today I am in room at Homewood Suites in Worcester, Massachusetts.   This afternoon, The Masterwork Chorus will join the Worcester Chorus, under the baton of Chris Shepard, to present the Verdi Requiem.  

As I review my score, don my concert dress and prepare to return to Mechanics’ Hall (a truly remarkable venue), I am filled with anticipation.  I am also filled with awe and gratefulness that I have the privilege of singing this work again and that I’ve been given the gift of music. 

Once again, I turn to poetry to express feelings that I rarely take time acknowledge.


8 Comments on “In Aeternam

  1. Thank you for sharing this! It slowed me down long enough to reflect again on our experience singing this past Sunday and to savor the beauty.


  2. Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts: calming, insightful and provocative. I don’t always comment, but always read!

    Gerry ’67


  3. As I just lost my beloved husband, your words had a comforting message.
    It is good to be intune with the continuation of our being and loved ones.
    Sharon Browne Gerne (EOCH)


    • Sharon, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. May each day bring you some peace, to begin to ease your grief. my prayers for you and your family. Joanne


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