She bathes and sets her hair, and hums Faure 
Her nails fresh polished, trimmed and prepped,
“Dona Nobis”, counting in her head,
“Keep it light and airy”, Maestro said,
Her music rearranged in concert form,
Her stockings laid out neatly, ‘side the dress
Her necklace – pearls (of course), and earring studs,
Unlabeled bottle ready for the stage.
It’s concert day and music floods her head,
Instructions, cautions, caveats and cares,
A few more hours, curtain time is nigh,
She loves it all. Tomorrow she will cry.
For though it will have been a joyous time,
It will be over for a while, ‘til next toll chimes.

2 Comments on “Anticipation

    • It’s always bittersweet the morning after. All that prep and anticipation and then it’s over. Thank goodness we are blessed to have these opportunities to perform such gorgeous masterworks with friends and superb musicians!


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