Silent, steadfast, still through the wintry blasts,
Storms return then ebb and rage again,
Immured within, suspended, as in fast,
Colony awaits to reawaken.

Workers huddle, clustered round the queen,
Saving stores of nectar, drones exiled,
Few survive the frigid months between
the warmth of summer and the April mild.

The young and queen secluded all the while,
Protecting eggs, preserving honey stores,
Their destiny’s survival, free from guile,
Yet deep within, the rumbling stirs e’en more.

I cannot see but sense impending birth,
Honey bees will swarm, renew the earth.

Photo Friday: #calm

Weekly Photo Challenge : lines

One Comment on “Hibernation

  1. Lovely words of the changing climate and all it brings to us, thank you for this poem love eileen


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