Here Comes The Moon

On the eve of The Masterwork Chorus’ “Masterwork Mania”(a fundraiser program of Beatles music), I am sitting in a hospital room, knowing that I won’t be joining my fellow choristers, this time around. A sudden onset of diverticulitis has temporarily derailed me. A consolation is that my room on the 10th floor has a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline in the distance. On this night (last night) of a near-full Moon, I stumbled to the window with I.V. paraphernalia rolling along, to snap this picture with my iPhone.

Peeking at the golden moon, near full,
It rises strong and clear o’er distant lights,
Wistful, from my bed in hospital,
The view is grand and serves to ease my plight.

Was only yesterday, was just last night,
They poked and prodded, plied their therapy,
Prepared a bed and read my Patient’s Rights,
I settled in, resigned to “let it be”

Two days and nights have passed since “yesterday”
When “long and winding road” led to this place
“When I (was) 64” I romped and played,
but “in my life” learned each new day embrace.

Tonight, my friends will raise their voice as one,
Tomorrow, I will sing: “here comes the sun”!


6 Comments on “Here Comes The Moon

  1. Wow that is just so beautiful.y said, and with the titles of Beatles songs it describes your recent plight. What a great poem I love it


  2. Love your positive verse despite what I’m sure is disappointment about missing the concert. Lovely capture, hope you’re feeling better soon.


  3. This post particularly caught my eye because my sister has diverticulitis and I know it’s painful. Sorry you couldn’t be singing with your friends, but praise to you for using the situation to create the picture and the poem.


    • Thanks, Cynthia. Always looking for a silver lining. I hope your sister is ok. I’m hoping not to repeat this anytime soon. Nice to hear from you!


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