Standing, on the brink of this vast expanse, I muse: does the ocean carry with it the memories of all that it’s crept up on and swallowed whole; perhaps not in a single gulp but with each incessant wave, as morsels of mortal life are swept away, consumed? Does it remember? Does it care? Today, its beauty is awesome, its latent power, staggering. Today the undulating ocean is calm, gently rocking my frayed nerves into acceptance and resolve.

Nature’s wrath transformed
Soothing, sympathetic salve,
Ephemeral footprints.

We are grains of sand in the continuum of life: each speck, a universe unto itself; each footprint, a slice of time; each breaker, a reminder of our limits and of our limitless possibilities. The past is written and another page has been turned. A blank sheet awaits the certain indentation of our pen stroke. Today is a washed-clean slate. Each moment is prelude to limitless imaginings.

Chalk on a blackboard
Written, erased, writ again,
New, never ending.

Photo Friday:#monochrome

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