Autumnal Conundrum

It’s autumn; as my planner oft repeats,
It’s autumn; yet the warming sun rays beat
It’s autumn; I’ll delay my pumpkin treats
for mallows, crispy-squished ‘tween graham sweets.

It’s autumn; yet we’re travel’ing to the beach,
It’s autumn; backyard chairs remain in reach,
It’s autumn; school’s in session (they’ll be teached);
Or is it taught? No matter, we’ll impeach,

It’s autumn; yes I see the troubled sky,
It’s autumn; I can’t help but wonder why,
It’s autumn; though temps soar, a change is nigh,
The balmy air breathes warm, I can’t deny.

Though this fall brings in more summer days,
We’ll not complain; we’ll happily engage.

Photo Friday: Autumn

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