Blurred Lines

Structure straight and perfectly aligning,
A thousand stamens reaching for the sun,
Each radiation delicate reminding
We’re more than just ourselves, we are as one.

From far perspective, branches tipped with pompons,
Beckon to us: come survey our blooms,
‘Til closer in we scan the broad-leafed palm fronds,
To spy their tender details, through my zoom.

Like fiberoptic orbs of garnet plumes,
Yet, through my macro lens, the background blurs,
Providing softish backdrop, like a womb,
For scarlet shafts of shimmer, tiny furs.

Structure ‘gainst the out-of-focus light,
Heightens sense of wonder at this sight


Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

Photo Friday:#blur





3 Comments on “Blurred Lines

      • Oddly enough, I do associate folk with a scientific style brain to be choristers, but not with actually writing poetry! Lol! I know the connection, in my mind, between choirs and science, both come from TV programmes………….. the brilliant ‘Morse’ and now it’s prequel series, ‘Endeavour’ (the detective went to Oxford Uni and loves his choral music), and from another British TV series, ‘Spooks’, where one of the MI5? agents gets involved with singing Mozart’s Requiem in D minor 🙂


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