Of Pearls and Scarlet Plumes

Before the golden fire-star breaks through,
I stroll in search of glories yet unseen,
Then I espy wee orbs of tenuous dew,
Formed atop the tips of buds agleam.

It may be that crimson color scheme
distracts, and causes one to pass on by,
Ignoring precious pearls, before sunbeams
cast their rays and beckon dragonflies.

I ponder which is better, butterflies
or closed buds, bedewed with webs and threads
of moisture; I can’t say so I won’t try
I’ll capture both within my lens, instead.

Each flower in its cycle, seed to bloom,
Is, for a fleeting moment, scarlet plume.

Photo Friday; #flower

The Polynesian Village (WDW) is a verdant wonderland of photo opportunities and inspiration.  My predawn walk this morning, was no exception. Despite the dazzling sunrise, I find that the macro world at my feet is, often, more miracululous.

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