Traditions: Celebrate Heritage

As if entranced, I paused to gazed upon
these well-worn ivory keys and ebony,
Though under glass, this once-blank slate lives on,
For all to see, artistic legacy.

I see each famed “John Hancock” on these keys
Perhaps the greatest tribute to the man,
Star-studded, world-renowned, celebrities,
They surely, were in awe, with pen in hand.

Traditions, silken threads that long sustain
humanity and history, preserved
by mothers’ sons, to sons of sons, engrained
in our subconscious, tree of life conferred.

His music lingers, as our music rings
“Traditions” woven deeply, we will sing.


In response to this week’s photo prompt, “Heritage,” I post the
photo of the storied, white piano, on which John Lennon composed “Imagine”. The signatures of music legends, poignantly written on the keys, eloquently speak of heritage and legacy of the composer and his instrument.  

I feel a striking consistency of theme, as I prepare for this weekend, when  The Masterwork Chorus will present “Traditions,” in celebration of diverse musical traditions and heritage; cultural glimpses of distant shores and places closer to home and heart.

3 Comments on “Traditions: Celebrate Heritage

  1. Our tradition is our heritage for life, but we should give room to anyone that needs to be moderated.


    • We we allowed into the private viewing room at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios, in Orlando. There was amazing original artwork and Beatles memorabilia, most of which were signed by the Beatles. This piano, though is spectacular, with signatures of Billy Joel, Elton John and so many others.truly spectacular!

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