After an exhaustively satisfying jaunt to Disney Springs, we return to our Polynesian Paradise, with visions of plunging into a refreshing Oasis Pool.

This photo captures many emotions for me, transporting me back to the warmth of that day; tasty lunch on the deck of the Boathouse, our traditional “Downtown” shopping and snacking adventures, and how we all giggled at my comedic sprint to catch the bus. It was a memorable day.

But I see more, in this candid snapshot:  I see a mom, who despite her aching muscles and parcels full of goodies, still manages to find the strength to lift her son (as he feigns exhaustion).  I see his teenage brother, nearly as tall as Mom,  selflessly sharing the pretend burden.  I see a family with arms entwined, leaning on each other, helping each other, and knowing that they complete  and are completely secure with each other.

I see years of nourished love, joy in the moment, and the promise of the was a memorable day, indeed!

I repost this photo, in response to this week’s WordPress photo Challenge: SECURITY

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