Made for Each Other

Each year as Christmas time swoops swiftly in,
With hectic shopping sprees at malls and such,
Unlike my friends, I spare myself chagrin,
And opt instead to add a personal touch.

I raid my stash (I never have too much),
To find the perfect fiber for his gift
A cover warm with softness to the touch,
So through my bins of yarn I gaily sift.

The pattern that I’d chosen, needs a twist,
And comfy threads that stand up to abuse,
These skeins of blue were added to my list,
My twist-knot Afghan soon to reproduce.

At last the project’s done, a work of art,
And Bandit adds his essence, from the heart.

I love knitting presents for family, like this beautiful Afghan I knitted for Jack, my daughter’s “Honey”. I carefully laid out my masterpiece on the bed, in preparation for final stages of blocking, labeling and wrapping. Turning my back for a moment, I suddenly realized that something was amiss. My handsome Bandit had decided to claim it for himself. The look on his face as he nestled atop my work of art, speaks volumes.


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