Of Two Chairs

Of morning tea beside the trickling.  fountain,
Attending to the nesting birds of spring;
Of sandwiches and chips for May-time lunch,
The welcomed mid-day respite that it brings;
Of languid, lazed “martini eves” of summer,
Playing fetch, with puppy toys a-fling;
Our coupled Adirondacks now sit bare,
For snowy covers drape our favorite chairs.

These chairs with their wide armrests and perfect pitch, have been in our yard for many years; through every season, offering us a place to take ten (or twenty). Whether reading a book, knitting a colorful blanket, birdwatching, or merely just talking, this has been our spot to escape. But in Winter, once the snows begin, we can only gaze at them from within the cozy confines of our home, happy to be snuggled up by the fire. It’s remarkable how a simple photograph of an even-simpler backyard setting, can subconsciously tease the psyche with memories; too numerous to be recounted but intrinsic to the fabric that is us.

Photo Friday: #Winter

One Comment on “Of Two Chairs

  1. Just beautiful, so true how a photo can bring us back. All I have now is photos of my life that once was. So very sad for me. Yet happy you can still see theses chairs.


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