I couldn’t sleep last night, though I knew I should.  With each passing hour, I recalculated how many hours of sleep I might be able to squeeze in before dawn. In desperation, I played a self hypnosis podcast that should have lulled me into relaxation.  It didn’t.

At 3:00 am, resigned to being wide awake, I played and replayed my taping of the Messiah dress rehearsal last week, complete with Maestro reminders about tempi, tone and interpretation; as I resumed knitting another eight rows of an Afghan that must be completed by Christmas.

Performing Handel’s Messiah is an amazing experience and performing it at Carnegie Hall is unforgettable.  This is not my first Messiah, nor is it my first Carnegie Hall experience, and yet I know the music and the moment will move me to tears tonight, as I join my fellow choristers under the artfully sensitive baton of Maestro Shepherd.

What an awesome Christmas gift.  No wonder I couldn’t sleep last night.

One Comment on “Sleepless

  1. Yes a great gift, that you earned and worked so hard for all your life, as your little sister I watched you sing from day one, always singing, and always bringing joy. With your so very beautiful voice, I did not inherit your singing abilities, taking voice lessons, mom was told don’t waist your money on Eileen she can’t sing, but you got that gene, and now tonight your singing in Carnegie hall. Wow, what a gift. God bless you Joanne . I love you so much your sister eileen


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