Mohonk Morning

Morning at Mohonk is incomparable and unforgettable!

We first discovered this many years ago, when we went to the Mohonk Preserve for the outdoor wedding of the daughter of a dear friend. We outsmarted ourselves by reserving the weekend at Mohonk Mountain House, rather than attempt the 2-hour homeward trek after the festivities. However, we failed to take into consideration that, while the ceremony was indeed in the heart of the preserve, the reception was in Kingston, about 40 minutes from New Paltz.

The weather was terrible, a literal downpour. We checked in amid what seemed like a messy milieu of madness, and changed into our wedding garb; resolving that, despite having a two day minimum, we would forego the loss and get out of Dodge early on Sunday morning.

To make matters worse, by the time we drove back from the reception to the Mountain House via the dark, windy, dangerous mountain road, a thick fog had settled in, making the drive even more nerve-wracking. By the time we returned to our rustic room (sans TV) we were even more committed to leaving at the first light of day.

As the sun rose from behind the mountains on Sunday morning, spreading its rays across the crystal-clear glacier lake, we were stunned at the sheer beauty and peace of this remarkable place. How could we have been so wrong?

We’ve returned to Mohonk many times and are never disappointed. This photo was taken a few weeks ago, from my rocking chair on the balcony, wrapped snuggly in my robe and slippers, as the woodsy aroma from our in-room fireplace permeated the morning air.

Photo Friday: #Morning

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