Stars of Sugar Gum

When autumn eves turn into golden days,
Fast falling leaves abound on grassy plains,
So much that calloused palms brush them away,
No sooner swept aside, resumes the rain.

And slight distracted through the sinewed branches,
To waves of green ‘gainst cloudless, azure skies,
I know the wafts of leafy avalanches
will soon engulf in blizzard-like surprise.

But this October morn the path is clear,
Save for a few pale stars of sugar-gum,
Which found my garden stoop and rested there,
Announcing e’er so softly, “Here we come”!

I’ll don my knitted wrap and sit outside
This season’s gifts to happily abide.

Photo Friday:


2 Comments on “Stars of Sugar Gum

  1. I used to love the falling leaves, now not so much, but you made it shine for me


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