Happy Trails

Excitement builds, as darkness settles in,
Once sweltering sun dips low as day is done,
From o’er the dark the opening strains begin,
Repeated ritual calling us again.

The sprawling barge lights with their sweet refrains,
Sail slowly ‘cross the languorous lagoon,
And we, like Pavlov’s, dogs are drawn again
toward our beachfront stage to to find our dune

And mirror-like the water’s surface gleams,
Reflecting brilliance from the floating scene,
As young ‘uns chant along “.. a grand old flag..”
And old folks tear up, hearing children sing.

This Polynesian happening never fails
to warm our hearts and bring us happy trails.

Photo Friday: Mirrors
Weekly photo challenge: Mirror

2 Comments on “Happy Trails

    • It’s amazing that after all these years there, every night we always try to get back to the Poly for the boat show. Dylan songs the songs full out, along with the other folks on the beach. It’s very moving and patriotic. Thanks .. I’m glad you like it😀


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