Of Windows

When in the course of eons, man’s ascent,
Desire for creature comforts came to be,
Once mere survival safe could be achieved,
As hay and clay walls opened for to see.
Through ages ice and iron, improved upon,
Increasing heights and breadths, invite light in,
With gilded glass and solid sturdy frames,
For nature’s vistas to be safely screened.
Today, our rooftops e’en are opened wide
with atriums and skylights, ‘tween broad beams,
‘neath cities’ rising walls, like crystal spires,
We nestle warm and sip our potent streams.
I’m not complaining…I enjoy the trend,
More light and “open concept”, all the rage!
I wonder if (as we evolve and grow),
We’ll ‘stead devolve and deem ourselves encaged.
For now, I’ll glory: “Let the sun shine in…”
With lens in hand, I’ll frame these wintry scenes.

4 Comments on “Of Windows

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