Learning to become myself once more,
Learning he’s not here to calm my fears,
Mostly out of focus, strain to know,
Where is my path (between escaping tears)?

Thought I was secure through all the years,
We learned together how to build our life,
Through trials and triumphs, joys, regrets and jeers,
We made our way together through the strife.

My soul now pierced as if with jagged knife,
His life was wrested from my loving clasp,
His essence lingers, I remain his wife,
As I dismantle, shed, release my grasp.

Whist stranded, set adrift, pain permeates
Yet face the day, I must, to learn my fate.
Daily Post: Learning

2 Comments on “Loss

  1. Joanne, so beautiful, sad and true, I will read that often as it helps me through my process of grief. Thank you . I love you your loving sister Eileen


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