After an exhaustingly satisfying jaunt to Disney Springs, we return to our Polynesian Paradise, with visions of plunging into a refreshing Oasis Pool.

This photo captures many emotions for me, transporting me back to the warmth of that day; tasty lunch on the deck of the Boathouse, our traditional “Downtown” shopping and snacking adventures, and how we all giggled at my comedic sprint to catch the bus. It was a memorable day.

But I see more, in this candid snapshot:  I see a mom, who despite her aching muscles and parcels full of goodies, still manages to find the strength to lift her son (as he feigns exhaustion).  I see his teenage brother, nearly as tall as Mom,  selflessly sharing the pretend burden.  I see a family with arms entwined, leaning on each other, helping each other, and knowing that they complete  and are completely secure with each other.

I see years of nourished love, joy in the moment, and the promise of the was a memorable day, indeed!

I repost this photo, in response to this week’s WordPress photo Challenge: SECURITY

4 Comments on “Carry

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  2. Still enjoying all your photo posts. Hope you enjoy your annual Disney and hope the Grandkids appreciate the experience as much as you.


    • They do, but in a totally different way. I hope you’re enjoying retirement. It’s funny, that I’m never bored, always finding projects to tackle. My better half is unretired again this year, as he resumes his former post on an interim basis. What is the definition of “interim” anyway? Great to hear from you, as always.


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