Trash or Treasure?

A speck of bread crumb oft remains unseen,
Another creature’s trash, a port in storm,
As cold retreats, it leaves a blanket scene,
That covers over seeds ‘neath ice platform.

It’s not yet time for bees to buzz and swarm,
And yet the smell of spring wafts through the air ,
So birds fly north once more from climes too warm,
But need to scrounge for food mites to ensnare.

The bush and berry trees are all still bare,
So this wee creature relishes his find,
This tossed-away mere morsel he won’t share,
He’s snagged his daily bread from humankind.

Sweet birdie spies me as he grabs his crumb,
And quicker than the eye can see, he’s gone!



Lured into believing the winter is behind us, we are often surprised when a last gasp leaves the ground snow-covered and icy. I keep my feeders filled, but on a day like this replenishing the seed is often delayed. I was happy that his quest for food was successful. As he snags it up, he seems to look straight at me with an air of confidence and self satisfaction. I am satisfied to be able to share this fleeting moment with this tiny creature, through my camera lens.

Photo101:Day Sixteen
Treasure and Close up

2 Comments on “Trash or Treasure?

  1. Thought this was you going through your closets. But this is good too. Liked the “wee creature”.

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