Vanishing Point


He said: “It’s black and white; it’s done and gone!”
I hear the words; his vibrant colors fade,
He said t’was just in fun, no strings for him,
I feel my spirit cringe and back away.

He said he’d been transparent, never gray,
I know he’d deftly hidden who he was,
He said there would be others, “Seize the day!”
I spurn his selfish, lying, cloying ploys.

He said: “Adieu” (alas, his farewell clause),
I face the truth; how could I not have known?
He said: “I loved you not!” (his last guffaw),
I vow to solace seek, in monotone.

Now banished, vanish point becomes the goal,
Until I dare reclaim my injured soul.

bridge to the beach

Photo 101: Day 12 Architecture and Monochrome

I took this photograph looking towards the Cape May beach on a cloudy afternoon in March.  The eye is drawn to the vanishing point at the horizon, flanked by the architecturally pristine and picturesque white railings of the foot bridge.  Perhaps  symbolic, the structure is intended to lead one safely over the rough sand grasses and rocks to the soft sandy beach and shoreline beyond.  image


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