This gay town scene, a circus comes to town,
And all from miles around meet in the square,
Children climbing trees to find a throne
from which to spy the simple pleasures there.

We’re all connected, pieces interlocked,
The whole becoming more than parts alone,
Foundations ever built on stable rock,
Enabling each to blossom full, when grown.

It takes a village, as in my memory
of cozy, cottage porches and cafes,
It takes a village, now I clearly see
The bonds and mores that defined my days.


Day 6: Connections

4 Comments on “Connections

  1. Love your poem, all so true, and here is the circus coming into our lives again, and circuses have trapezes. How ironic, and same day as crossword clue, oh the joy of midair. Thanks for that beautiful poem love eileen


    • That Circus in Town puzzle has your name on it – you had a good idea to share jigsaw puzzles. I am glad you liked it…the circus parade – and the way things used to be in a simpler time, when the circus coming to town was a highlight for kids, young and old. So glad you liked it – jigsaw puzzle as a metaphor for life.


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