Winter White


One wintry day, so many years ago,
A fragile life within strained to breathe free,
We ventured forth to simply stroll in snow,
So young, this burgeoning family of three.

How could we know that day filled with esprit,
Our simple lives would never be the same,
Assuming that a boy-child soon would be,
A blanket knit in blue secured our plan.

But nature had its clock and set the span
O’er which sweet babe in my womb would thrive,
Mid-winter birthday, though it was the plan,
Surprised us, nonetheless, as “She” arrived.

A tribute to the woman she’s become,
Today I gift this knitted, lace-white drape,
It’s so like her: complex, each wispy strand
enmeshed, entwined, creates a wondrous scape.

We’re proud of her, her grace, her lovely soul,
Begun that snow white day we took a stroll.

Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

Photo Friday: White

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