Sliding Door

What longtime ghosts loom large behind these blast
walls, and not-so-tall tales held within,
Since scores of decades long ago t’were cast,
How many personal stories have there been?

Beneath the ancient vines a clinging screen
of verdant growth, upon the crumbling brick,
Stands silent, cold and strong and anchored clean,
A beauteous bulk, hard-cast and hammered slick.

The alley’s seen a rebirth, high heel clicks
upon its cobbled stones, bistros and bars,
An upscale hot-spot drawing guys and chicks,
Who every evening come from near and far.

I almost didn’t see the massive queen
Until I turned to witness where I’d been.


During a recent visit to historic Charleston, we found ourselves returning to this neighborhood known as ” Upper King”, to dine at our favorite, “39 Rue de Jean” and sample the French delights at “Macaroon”.

The alley in this photo, is now a popular and trendy area. The building that now houses many dining and commercial establishments, was one a storage and shipping warehouse. The architects involved in the renaissance, artfully maintained the character and gravitas of the original structure, while creating and unforgettable ambiance.

On our last night in Charleston, after a win by our beloved Seton Hall Pirates, we dined at “Vincent Chico’s” wonderful Italian restaurant. The high-ceilinged interior still purposefully exposes the original brick and mortar walls, and the entrance, though a welcoming glass-front facade, is guarded by a massive, man-made sliding door. It’s amazing a cold, metal, functional object crafted so long ago, could emanate sheer beauty and reflect a dramatic history.

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2 Comments on “Sliding Door

  1. This poem makes me want to visit there myself, maybe someday I will. It sounds so beautiful. You put art to such beautiful words. Loved it Eileen ilaria


    • Yes, it is an amazing alley that used to be abandoned…the door is huge and beautiful…the interior has really high ceilings, and the food was fantastic. The alley connects to a French-like section of town…really nice to stroll around and window shop (feet permitting)! There is a concert venue…the night we were there Rick Springfield was there, so the area was a hub of activity and Jolie de vivre.


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