Sensory Recall

Sensory Recall

Etched on my recall and in my heart,
Are rituals and flavors;savory and sweet,
Of “Scotch Eggs”, “Black and Tan”, of “Rose and Crown”
Of cotton candy freshly spun; a treat!

Alas, the days grow short and tots grow tall,
I dare not think these summer times may cease,
To everything a season for us all,
Yet tastes and scents, will memories increase.

For even when the wine is not so rare,
Recalling when we sipped on foreign shores,
Forever senses reawake when shared
in days and summers hence whence taste once more.

Writing 201; Poetry: Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio

12 Comments on “Sensory Recall

  1. What a gorgeous & delectable image– even tho I don’t know what Scotch eggs, black & tan, rose & crown are! Makes me want to try them.


    • Hard-boiled eggs, wrapped in sausage meat concoction – breading – then fried. It is common bar food in Great Britain. I do have a recipe if you’re interested. The kids love them. Black and Tan – well — who doesn’t like a great chilled mug Ale and Stout. I love the dual colors in the glass, just after it’s poured when the layers of beer lay atop each other, and are capped off by a great, foamy head!


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