Ode to Winged Flight

Ode to Winged Flight

So not to miss the miracle outside my door,
From darkness into morning light I dive
to catch a glimpse of broad-winged avians, I strive.

They’re graceful as they synchronize o’er shore,
Arising up as seaside waters shimmer,
To soar above the silver, slim-fish swimmers.

They, silent, scale so high they seem to nearly stall
between the sun and my line sight, then, swooping, fall.
But sailing effortless in broad swept arcs they glide,
Without a map to guide their transverse slide,
I, blessed to share their beauty, know all’s right,
I’m told by silhouettes against the bright.

Writing 201: Poetry Day 5: Map, Ode, Metaphor

4 Comments on “Ode to Winged Flight

  1. This is a gorgeous poem. Is it a particular form, or did you invent it? The last stanza is fabulous.


    • Hi Ginny…I did not invent the form, but rather was attempting to write and ode, using metaphors throughout and opining on the theme of a map. I alluded to the map theme, in that birds need no map. The photo was taken early one morning in Disney World at sunrise. T was a 2-week poetry challenge with a different instrument, theme, etc. every day. it was fun!


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