My Daily Bread

Poetry, Day 2: Gift, Acrostic, Simile
An acrostic, using the letters that spell “Cavalier King Charles Spaniel” as first letter of each line: “My Daily Bread”

Careening up the staircase, spinning wild,
Akin to whirling dervishes I’ve seen,
Voracious his attraction for my smiles,
And he knows well my pockets burst at seams.
Love of life and treats frame his beguine,
Inimitably he ascends and twirls,
Each morning we repeat this same routine,
Repeat again each dawn as flags unfurl.

Kick-starting mornings, elan all a whirl,
I need no twangy clocks or iPhone bells,
No, he awakes with snuggling kisses, pearls
gleaming, as a new day he foretells.
Cavies, known as snugglers, fit the bill,
He craves familiar comfort on my lap,
And I am sure to keep my pockets full,
Rewarding his ebullience, joy on tap.

Little does he know he fills a gap,
Enriching my life view, he makes me glad,
So I’ll accede and dole out gifts to pup,
Selecting each reward (if he’s not bad).
Perhaps I’m spoiling him – I know, it’s sad,
And like Pavlovian dogs, I crave the spoils,
Naysayers, know I give in just a tad
Ignoring all the stats, break all the rules.

Each morning I’ll begin with soul uplifting,
Le Bandit is the gift that keeps on giving.

Writing 201: Poetry, Day 2: Gift, Acrostic, Simile

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