The Game’s A-foot

This gentle little creature that I spy,
Knows movement would proclaim his presence there,
His wriggling nose has warned that danger’s nigh,
I’ve caught him in my camera’s aperture.

Though I’m content to ogle from afar,
My Cavie cares for nothing but the game
a-foot, since time began and dogs spread fear,
‘cross denizens of Easter bunny fame.

I’m not concerned, I’ve witnessed much the same,
Each morning when I set my Bandit free,
They face each other, “wild” assessing “tame”,
And then the futile race is on – a spree.

Unbridled joy’s unleashed in backyard green,
I’m grateful and I’m blessed to watch this scene.

Note: Bandit comes close but (thankfully) can’t quite catch the bunny. Frankly, I not sure he’d know what to do with it, if he did.

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