Another sweltering day at EPCOT!

It’s been this ways since the day it opened and we, with our two children in tow, would venture into the park for a seemingly (and wonderfully) unending day of walking, shopping, walking, going on rides, walking, eating, walking, walking and walking under the scorching Florida sun.

Though opportunities for hydration are plentiful along the way, none fits the bill more perfectly than the refreshment stand encountered just before venturing into World Showcase depicted here.  Though decades have passed since those early days with our son and daughter, we still relive the experience annually when we return with our grandsons. In this scene, where ROY G. BIV is alive and well, my Daughter and #1 Grandson patiently wait for their soon-to-be dripping ice cream cones.

I don’t know which condiment is more satisfying: ice cream for the slaked taste buds, or eye candy for the soul.

Weekly Photo Challenge:  ROY G. BIV...incorporate all the colors of the rainbow in your single or gallery submission.

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