Road Trip to My Garden

Arriving here they wait for skillful hands
to lift them from their soil-mussed pickup bed,
To transplant them in well-prepped earthen land,
New home where they’ll be watered, pruned and fed.

They started off, mere seedlings, silken threads,
Until their infant leaves grew strong, upright
in vibrant hues, (they’d never be ‘down-tread’),
And once re-potted, launched their bumpy flight.

O’er rural roads and highways overnight
to farmers markets, where green-thumbers meet,
Selecting sunny hues and fuschias bright,
Eye candy when their journey is complete.

From seed pack, to wheel-barrow, to my green,
Resplendent now within my garden scene.



12 thoughts on “Road Trip to My Garden

    1. Joanne Edith

      As pretty as the plants look in my garden, I can’t describe how happy I was to see that truck in my driveway, as the guys began offloading the baskets. Thanks for commenting.


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