Young at Heart

Young at Heart

Surely solvable, but perhaps no,
I dare to undertake to figure out,
Hand-carved puzzle causing me to bow,
Full focus on the task that I’m about.

My grandsons challenged, priming for a rout,
Who (smarter than their elders) know it all,
They taunt and tease and coax and gayly shout,
Convincing me to offer in the towel.

But no, I’m stubborn to the dreaded fall
of self respect, I can’t give in, unless
they think me ancient, boring Grandma, dull,
And arcane game will render me clueless.

But wait; I’m up and brushing off my dress,
Crying out: “I did it – I’m the best!”
They stop the taunting; shocked (are they impressed)?
Once more their hero, Grandma, passed the test.

My boys are joys and though they try outsmart,
Their playful ruses keep me young at heart.


Written for Studio 30+; Arcane and/or Mysterious

3 Comments on “Young at Heart

  1. Old age and treachery, I like to say. Also something about youth being wasted on the young.
    Some ticklishly-fun verse, here!


    • So true, and yet I still a, not able to conquer the Rubics Cube. That said my oatmeal cookies are unparalleled. Thanks.


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