Before the Dawn

I have always been an early bird, creeping out of vacation hotel rooms to avoid waking the family, camera case slung over my shoulder and flip-flops tucked under my arm. I cannot miss the sunrise. I know that the most beautiful moments are fleeting and often are on display before the sun rises up, as if from out of the ocean. 

This photograph, however, was taken from the balcony of our room at Bacara in Santa Barbara. I didn’t have time to race down to the beach, and rather than miss the already-rising sun, I shot it from where we stood in our bathrobes, sipping coffee. Shooting directly into the sun does not usually produce a great result, but this shot captures the silent, soaring, solitude of that morning.  I can only imagine how lovely it would have been on the beach, but at least I have the memory of that stupendous morning, captured forever.

It is said that when we share a bottle of wine our memories of the wine cannot help but be colored by the sensory recollections from the moment. Photographs are the same, to me.  I look at this photograph and I remember the morning in exquisite detail; the nip in the clean air, the walk down to our al fresco breakfast overlooking the gardens, the stroll along the beach afterwards, and most of all, our shared joy as we planned the next phase in our life.  

This is not my most beautiful ‘sunrise’ photograph, but I see it through the filter of my vivid, sensory recollections of that lovely morning.

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Early Bird

2 Comments on “Before the Dawn

  1. Such a beautiful story of the memories in our minds eye. Beautiful pic also. Just love it


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