This morning, I submitted this photo to the National Geographic Assignment: Street Scene.

I took this photo with my iPhone (through a grimy windshield) earlier this month; as shoppers swamped a local grocery store, to stock up for a predicted blizzard. The  day was gray, the air was frigid, and we did our best to avoid the crowds. During a momentary lull in foot traffic, as I waited in the car for my hubby to run in and pick up milk and eggs, I recalled many of the last 41 winters, when we had done the very same thing!

Today, it struck me that the weathered façade of the market, showed obvious signs of age, especially when flanked by carts, hastily abandoned in the rush to escape the brutal cold.

I don’t expect that a storefront facelift is planned, but I promise to take this same photo on a sunny day in the Spring, to determine if the weather affects one’s perception. I expect that it will, especially when stacked potted plants of tulips and daffodils, replace (cover) the worn-out “welcome” sign.image

I'd appreciate your feedback (Please, leave a comment)!

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