Double-knitted Symmetry

Tip-tapping bamboo sticks repeat motif,

Defining complex interweaves of threads
Knit red, two white, then three, again repeat
In hope it soon will warmly top her bed.

A double-knitted pattern turns my head,
Though twice the time and focus it demands,
For working two at once, together wed
without a seam, and made by loving hand.

Kelmscott throw defines its country land,
Where winters hard are blustery, forlorn,
Requiring afghan covers plain but grand,
Spun lovingly from farmbred sheepskins shorn.

Two perfect sides, a yin and yang in one,
My daughters birthday gift will soon be done!

Written in response to the WordPress “The Weekly Photo Challenge” theme: Symmetry.

This photo show both sides of the throw that I knitted for my daughter. Knitting is wonderful form of expression.  Double knitting, though challenging, is immensely gratifying, and the finished product truly is twice as warm, thick and cozy.  The simplicity and perfect symmetry of a single, knitted stitch is replicated a thousand-fold in the finished, lovingly-made, complex-patterned blanket.

2 Comments on “Double-knitted Symmetry

  1. The sweater is just beautiful, wow so much work, and time. So hard to do. I would never even attempt it. Amazing, yes that’s what you are


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