Many Moons Ago

‘Twas years ago (or was just a day),
We’re racing ‘down the shore’ to rescue her,
from demons overtaking weakened state,
We spread our supplications, pray they’re heard.

Her road had been rocky and absurd,
Since Dad was taken to eternal rest,
In downward spiral, cloaked in clouds of gray,
She’d mis-spend measured moons in patron-quest.

He wasn’t love of life, but could arrest
the sinking of her ticking, time-worn soul,
When this host passed, she slipped to the abyss,
We broke her fall, and she regained control.

Humility reminds, life’s joys and trials,
A decade hence, rememb’ring tears and smiles.

The Sunday Whirl: Wordless #197
Words: Day, race, spend, state, rescue, ticking, cloud, humility, patron, measure, host, spread.

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