“D-man’s” Decision

Again with focused diligence he trains,
Some days he wanes in purpose, yet remains
to bear the load, the challenge of this journey,
Culminates this day, his black belt tourney,
He beams with pride, a new belt girds his waist,
Accomplishment, endurance, leadership embraced.

Weekly Photo Challenge: “New.”

My take on the challenge focuses on my #2 grandson (“D-Man”), who successfully tested for his black belt. The journey for him wasn’t easy, and in fact was interrupted for a time as he chose to pursue guitar lessons. As a musician, I encouraged his testing of those waters, and was a little disappointed when he returned to TKD; in part because I would miss our Monday and Tuesday afternoons, practicing for his guitar lessons.
Returning to his training after such a break was challenging for him (and for Mom), requiring many extra hours of training. But he persevered and reached his goal. In the photo-set above, he stands at attention in the penultimate moment before he removes his former belt to accept his Black belt.


D-Man’s Decision

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