Happy Anniversary

A handsome man and lovely lass were wed
on New Year’s Day, in city without sleep,
They loved each other truly and for life,
Now, seven decades since, I ponder deep.

Recalling them together warms my heart,
His easy, crooning voice untrained but free,
And she, an Irish beauty, stature strong,
A striking couple, loving life and me.

With poignant mem’ries, images return,
We children, took for granted while we played,
Mid troubles, joys, diversions, years of days
And nights, (in my minds eye) all on parade.

October next, a milestone birthday, mine,
Yet on that New Year’s wedding day long past,
I wasn’t but a gleam in Daddy’s eye,
That day is when our future fates were cast.

Mom and Dad, 1945
Mom and Dad, 1945

4 Comments on “Happy Anniversary

  1. I loved your poem and post. Truer words were never spoken. What a love they had. Through good and bad. And made us the people who we are today. Thanks for sharing that. So beautiful, and exquisite.


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