Bridget and My Butterfly


When days are fraught with storm clouds looming o’er
my life, I’m juggling many balls in air,
When piling on and on, I’m on the floor,
When hanging on is more than I can bear.

I stop and pause, implore a desperate prayer,
A wisp of hope, a slightly opened door
to shine the light of hope; that someone cares,
And then my Bridget calls, I can’t ignore.

She brings her love of life, so sweet and pure,
She lifts the thickening clouds within my soul,
She’s there like soothing salve, she’s ‘hope’ and more,
She lights my days, I’m not in control.

A butterfly stops by, He knows my fears,
He tells me not to fret, for He is near.



Dedicated with love, to my sister, Eileen.

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