Template for Humanity (Weekly Photo Challenge)


This photograph, captured by my daughter, conjures up images of ten-year-olds, racing their bikes around the neighborhood, stopping only to shoot a few hoops in the driveway.

What more poignant evidence of Humanity, than the imprint of a hastily tossed-aside bike, left outside one rainy autumn evening.  I say a prayer of thanks that a few simple joys of childhood, joys that we experienced ‘on the block’, are still alive and well;  reflections of our human-ness.  Organized after-school activities and a plethora of team sport opportunities, cannot compare to the life lessons learned when playing with kids of all ages in the neighborhood; when choosing sides for a game of stick ball, is trumped only by having a catch, skateboard antics, or an ad hoc bike race.

Thanks to my daughter for sharing this photo and allowing me to post it in this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity.

2 Comments on “Template for Humanity (Weekly Photo Challenge)

  1. Best pic ever. Today the kids skateboard, as we roller skated as we wore our skate keys on our necks. Skate key you say, today’s kids, even our kids , missed a lot. Not wearing that skate key, that meant everything to us. Thanks for sharing. And bringing back so many memories


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