Sitting on the dock of ‘Poly’ Bay,
Scanning left to right and back again,
Beaches where my grandsons freely play,
Deep blue wavelets rippling on lagoon.

Our fantasy vacation-land, like ‘Troon’,
Is ever in our mind’s eye, winter long,
When summer comes around, it’s none too soon,
But on this trip we sing a different song.

Our treasured ‘Xanadu’ has undergone
some changes; some for good, and some not so,
Since this must be, we’ll cope, recall the throng
of years and days and soirées long ago.

Still, as I sit and ponder pages past,
I’m thankful, blessed, with memories that last.

The Light and Shade Challenge
The Light and Shade Challenge

Written for the Light and Shade challenge, using words “This must be” from the prompted photo, as inspiration.

Our family vacation spot, The Polynesian Village – now the Polynesian Resort – in Walt Disney World, has been witness to our family’s growth, since our children  were toddlers, to our return  with them and their children.

Since 1979, we have stayed in the same ‘long house’ that we still enjoy today.  It is now called Hawaii, and is the Concierge building ‘on location’.  Our favorite part of being in WDW has never been the parks and rides but rather just being at the ‘Poly’.   

With the announcement of construction of new Vacation Club Villas, directly in front of our long house, we knew that change was inevitable.  Last week we saw first hand the ‘progress’.  This panoramic photo, taken from the boat launch dock, was cause for reflection.  

This place will remain our favorite place to be, despite the changes, but this week’s prompt tugged on my heartstrings a bit…this must be.  

In the spirit of thankfulness and acceptance we treasure all that has been and look forward to making new memories in years to come.

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