My Father’s Garden


It was the antithesis of his back-breaking days and skin-cracked nights.

After a workday of job-site floors and walls, back-splashes and hearths – unique patterns, lovingly placed, grouted, washed and polished; he’d grab a beer and head out back.

Raising a plucked “Better Boy” to his face, he inhaled its promise of lusciousness, while gently rubbing the shiny, smooth skin against his face; a sharp contrast to the dry, cracked joints of his epoxy-eaten fingers.

His garden is now and will forever remain symbolic of his legacy; a legacy of passion, family, love and joy in simple pleasures.


This was ‘prompted’ by Velvet Verbosity 100 word challenge: Heiress.

This week's Prompt: Heiress
This week’s Prompt: Heiress



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7 Comments on “My Father’s Garden

  1. Yes, his warmth and love are always around us. I only wish he could have met his five great-grandsons (my grandsons) and five great-granddaughters (my sister’s granddaughters). But we take are to tell them all about him and my Mom. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Beautifully written.

    I miss my dad, and reading this makes me remember the legacy of love fathers like him left behind, even when they are no more! thanks for sharing!


  3. Well done! What a beautiful tribute to good, hardworking fathers who sacrifice themselves for their families.

    God bless you,


    • Thank you. He is still with us in our hearts and memories, especially when we hold and smell a big ripe Jersey Tomato. It’s funny how certain scents and smells can conjure up such strong images and emotions. Those days as children were difficult financially,but we had love and fun and took pleasure in life’s simple gifts. He taught us well! Thank you for your comment, Cheryl.


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