Savvy ‘Savonneurs’




Returning to this aerie, Côte d’Azur
Was meant to be a salve, a jaunt, a spree
of sorts, yet (tears held back) I’m steady, sure
that paths we chose back then were meant to be.

‘Savons en place’ a charming fantasy
Of color, fragrance, sights for eyes not sore,
Now older, wiser (maybe not) recalling glee
of carefree days, unwav’ring, as before.

We climbed the chateau’s ancient paths, foot-worn,
Our steps atop the scuffs that led the way
To thousand spices, soaps and cornichons
To stalls and Provence markets on display.

If storm clouds came, we danced amid the rain,
Our blessings flowed, and brought us here again.


Written for the light and shade challenge, using a photo prompt and the following quote:

” Optimism is like a spiritual magnet.”
– Anna Masseyhttp










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