Lies of Omission


He stands as he has stood mid brush
and stickler thickets, nesting spot for wrens,
He offers life’s elixir, respite from the rush
of feral creatures on the prowl again.

His moldy feet secure, yet he pretends
that he might teeter if a bird of prey
alights, upsetting balance; arms extend,
A bathing bowl inviting all to play.

But something is amiss amidst the gray
and weathered, green-chalk, crusty old patina,
His face stays hidden in the shadowy play
of sun light, through the dogwood and gardenia.

Simplicity and sweetness, maybe so
Omission lies hide well within the shadows.

This is my first entry in the Light and Shade challenge. This weekend, the prompt consisted of an evocative photo by johnnyberg on, and the following quote: “She tells enough white lies to ice a wedding cake” – Margot Asquith.


6 Comments on “Lies of Omission

  1. I do take delight in a finely crafted poem and this definitely counts – I really appreciate the skill and artistry you employed here to paint such a clear and interesting picture.


  2. First thank you so much for taking part and thank you for giving the credit to the picture. Now the important bit – I loved that poem, and I loved the craft and care you took. I do have a soft spot for a sonnet. I had a bit of an inward shudder and what the hidden face may conceal. Thank you. LM x


    • Thank you . I’m fascinated by the subject, as well. The photo prompt was inspiring and fascinating. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate that you took the time to provide thoughtful feedback.


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