Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Treacherous Steps
Treacherous Threshold

The trail leading to the cliffside path that rims glacier lake in the heart of the Mohonk Preserve beckons in a tantalizing, yet ominous, way. The signpost stands as a beacon, warning of the danger (and promise) that lay in store.

I know that should I take the first uncertain step, I will be unable to turn back, as each mossy, leaf-covered stepping stone becomes a goal unto itself. Yet, with my whittled walking stick in hand, I begin my ascent. Almost immediately, I realize that I am torn between wanting to reach the end of the trail – the beginning of my scenic excursion around the lake – and wanting this prelude to continue.

Reaching the destination will, no doubt, have it’s reward, as the steep, rock-sided glacier lake below will stretch out before my eyes like a delicious offering of brandy held within a stunning crystal snifter. And yet there is something compelling about this trek to the summit. The wonder of the woods and the lure of this underbrush-covered trail offers birds-eye glimpses into a wondrous ecosystem. More importantly, I know this potentially treacherous trek to the summit will change me; may clear away the cobwebs of my mind, and at best, may allow the light of clarity to seep into my soul.

Let the journey continue.


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