My Obsession (Photo Friday, Haiku Friday)

Ponte Vedra Pre-dawn

Shark teeth undertow,
‘Neath rainbow-painted moon-sky,
Predawn shifting sands.

One of my many obsessions is photographing sunrises. There is nothing like the peace and stillness just before sunrise. On a beach, the gulls gather to swoop up their breakfast; in Eze de Provence, one can hear the distant fishing boats below, in Villefranche sur Mer, pulling in their catch; at the Polynesian Village spectacular sunrise skies foretell of the soon-to-be-fulfilled fantasies; and from my own back porch long shadows serve as backdrop for garden warblers. But this March 27, 2014 morning in Ponte Vedra, I was stunned by the stellar spectacle of a sliver crescent Moon hanging with a super-bright Venus, in the still dark, pre-dawn sky, giving a whole new dimension to my sunrise obsession.



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