Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

The gallery showcased above, includes two ‘takes’ on the “Weekly Photo Challenge” prompt.

A beautifully symmetrical knitted stitch pattern, while satisfying and calming in a way that only complex patterns, colors and textures can be, the un-cropped photo reveals an entirely different kind of satisfaction; the ‘I-found-this-cozy-spot-and-I’m-not-budging’ look on his face, speaks volumes.

After the winter that we on the east coast have had, the next photo could be a treacherous, hard, icy surface.  Actually, it is the close-up perspective of a refreshing glass of water on a sizzling Florida afternoon.  The surface of the plastic glass is sweating in dripping droplets of condensation.

Both are examples of how one’s perspective colors the story behind the subject captured in a camera lens.


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