Warbling Underdog

imageToday, for the first time, I am entering The Sunday Whirl, a challenge that puts forth a Group of unconnected words, and ask that the writer pull them together into a cohesive piece.


For years, I’m witness to a sacred scene:
I watch her humming,
Flitting, hitting stride
To navigate bramble branches.
First a miss, then settling softly,
With guile and grace
On talon

She knows and I can clearly see
Danger lurks nearby;
Forager; hidden, stealthy,
Preparing to pounce in an instant,
As snapping twigs and sticks
Buckle under paws,
Sounding a subtle

I drill down deeply, try to understand
My heart’s desire, my visions:
She finds her seeds,
Returns to nest to share with hungry mouths.
And yet, both predator and prey
Seek their righteous gain,
With dignity:


7 Comments on “Warbling Underdog

  1. And who are we to judge as we fight and pillage and hope to survive? We all live in a paradise but each must satisfy their own needs to keep their species going.


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