Eileen’s Journal: All Saint’s Day

This is the first entry in a new series, “Eileen’s Journal”, where my sister, Eileen, shares her thoughts and insights.  This is her first post…Welcome to the blogosphere, dear Sister!  Note:  Eileen has set up her own blog. You will find this post and her future work at http://www.MemesMemos.wordpress.com.

imageToday is “All Saint’s Day”, a ‘holy day of obligation’.

Being raised a (somewhat) strict Catholic, it has been ingrained in me and I remember these things about my upbringing, including that we knew we had to go to mass on these days and pay respect to all the saints.

But today, as I was making breakfast for my 11yr old granddaughter, I shared with her that today was “All Saint’s Day“.

” What is “All Saint’s Day”?”
“Honey, it’s a holy day of obligation.”
“What’s that?

How do I explain a holy day of obligation? As I commenced to try, I was saddened when she said:

   ” I thought you only go to church on Sundays.”
(I was lost!)
     “First of all, it’s not just church… it’s mass.”

She didn’t get it, but to my pleasant surprise, she did want to know all about it, and why did I know so much about religion and mass and holy days. I explained that I had been a catholic school girl, and that religion was my life.

I’m sad that my grandchildren do not say the rosary or pray on a daily basis. But that is up to their parents. Rest assured that I will teach them whenever I can., especially since they seem to genuinely like my stories and life truths.
Tomorrow is “All Soul’s Day” – another day that we go to mass and pray.

Eileen Gail

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8 Comments on “Eileen’s Journal: All Saint’s Day

  1. So, literary genius runs in families! Great job, Eileen. It always amazes me (one of those peeps who can’t quite put their thoughts into words) how some people can take a small part of their life and turn it into literature!


    • My sister has been known to write a complete letter in a single, run-on sentence:). She writes the way she talks and she always speaks from her heart. That is her charm. I have started her on her own blog, but she is still unfamiliar with the ins and outs of posting. So, I volunteered to be her editor an publisher, until she gets her blog-legs – a labor of love! Thanks, Ronnie
      PS My father used to write poetry to my Mom. When they had an argument, we would wake up in the morning to find a love note/poem sitting on the kitchen table – written carefully and usually contritely, before he left early for work.


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  3. Dear Eileen,
    The honesty in your words convey the emotions. This is an awesome first blog post. Keep up the good work.


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